Springfield Metro Baseball League

SpringfieldMetroLogoIn 2007 the Springfield Metro Baseball League was founded to create a “public” league that would play an extended schedule with many upgrades versus other open registration programs in the Springfield “Metro” area.  The league also would maintain the fair treatment of players through inclusive playing rules and the creation of “competitive” teams with an annual draft.  Starting with 37 players the league created three teams in summer 2007 and played in the Springfield Parks system.

In 2008 the league expanded to 7 teams.  In 2009 the league moved into Price Cutter Park in Ozark and expanded to 11 teams including the new Senior division for older players. In 2010 the league hosted over 150 players on 13 teams.  In 2011 the league grew to 15 teams in three divisions including the new Minors division.  In 2012 we had 16 teams in our summer league and passed the 200 player mark.  2013 was the largest league ever with 18 teams in the three divisions.  In 2014 the league embarked on its second “retro” season and switched to using wood bats only (ash & maple) in the summer league.

In 2015 the league decided to move to the Barnhouse and Optimist Fields on the west side of Springfield and discontinued the 12 & under Minors division, but we still hosted the largest number of players in the two remaining divisions ever.  We also have a fall league that grew from 4 teams in 2008 to 10+ teams in 2009 – 2015.  The Fall league plays an eight game schedule on weekends in Sept/Oct and is open to registration from non-Summer players as well.  In 2016 the league expects to continue play at the west side parks with both the 19 & under Seniors and the 15 & under Majors divisions.  Players anywhere from 11 to 19 can sign up to play, there are no try-outs in the league.

Visit their website to learn more: http://www.springfieldmetrobaseball.com/

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