About Us

Nearly a decade ago, Little Guys Baseball Club founder Travis Zarechi recognized a need in the Springfield area. As the father of five boys, he understood the importance of providing children with opportunities to develop their character and also the financial strain of extracurricular pursuits.

On Jan. 24, 2007, Little Guys Baseball Club was officially formed to offer local competitive baseball options in Springfield that eliminate the cost and strain associated with travel. Parents and team members show their commitment by investing their time in the club’s success, with many year-round volunteer opportunities. Additionally, this brings teams from other areas into Springfield, positively impacting our local economy.

At Little Guys Baseball Club we are teaching our youth personal responsibility by holding them to a higher standard, on and off the field. We expect them to work hard, whether their efforts are focused on school work, game preparation, fundraising or community service projects. We believe Little Guys Baseball is building the foundation for lasting relationships and instilling a lifelong sense of respect in our boys – for themselves, others, and the wonderful game of baseball.

Parental involvement is key for our organization. Parents assist with club operations and activities, volunteer at BINGO and help maintain the fields and facilities.

At present, Little Guys Baseball is operating two ballparks. The Westside Optimist Fields, 3250 W. Grand in Springfield, has three fields for teams with players from age 5 to 13. Barnhouse Field, 5484 W. Sunshine in Brookline, has one regulation field designed for teams with players ages 13-18. Barnhouse can also host adult leagues and tournaments.

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